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Work attitudes dissertation

Work attitudes dissertation

A web-based questionnaire was distributed to employees at five organizations.

Work attitudes dissertation

Surveys were completed by 1, employees. A positive relationship was predicted between telework and overall job satisfaction, as mediated by perceived autonomy.

Further, moderating effects of job level were predicted for the above relationships. A negative relationship was predicted between telework and perceived co-worker support, moderated by task interdependence.

It was also predicted that teleworkers would report higher levels of affective commitment, and that this relationship would be mediated by perceived organizational support.

Learning ObjectivesDefine “work attitudes”.Identify the ways in which companies can track work attitudes in the workplace. The importance of her willingness to allow me countless hours to work on my dissertation cannot be overstated. She cheered me on and never questioned whether this would happen, even when it was logical to ask, “What? There’s more?”.

Finally, it was predicted that teleworkers would report higher levels of continuance and normative organizational commitment than non-teleworkers, and that the telework-normative commitment relationship would be moderated by employee exchange ideology. The predicted relationships received mixed support. Time spent teleworking was found to be related to overall job satisfaction, and this relationship was mediated by perceived autonomy.

Employee job level had no moderating effects. Time spent teleworking was also found to be related to perceived co-worker support, although the direction of the relationship was opposite what was predicted and no moderating effect of task interdependence was found.

Teleworkers did report higher levels of perceived organizational support than non-teleworkers, as predicted, although teleworkers did not report higher levels of affective commitment. Similarly, teleworkers did not differ from non-teleworkers on normative commitment, and exchange ideology did not moderate the relationship.

I declare that this mini-dissertation hereby submitted to the University of Limpopo workplace to address employees‟ problems such as substance abuse that union, by supporting the programme, helps to create a caring attitude towards. What strategies can you use when paraphrasing other writers' work? Attitudes to knowledge and different levels of study A further issue is attitudes to knowledge. The present study examined the influence of employee's work attitudes and experiences on aggressive- and potentially aggressive- driving. Sep 17, The purpose of this study was to determine employees' attitudes and perceptions toward the Showing of pages in this dissertation.

Finally, teleworkers reported lower levels of continuance commitment than non-teleworkers, contrary to what was predicted. Explanation of results, study limitations, directions for future research, and theoretical implications of the present study are presented.

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