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Essay on guyanese folklore

Essay on guyanese folklore

Odeen Ishmael served as a teacher both in Guyana and The Bahamas for almost three decades.

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He has been a premier writer on the problems and perspectives of education in Guyana and the Caribbean and, sincehis writings on this subject have been published in newspapers and journals in Guyana, the Caribbean and North America. He has also researched and published expensively on issues of Guyana's political history.

Essay on guyanese folklore: caribbean folklore: le loupgarou and ol higue

Before publishing "Amerindian Legends of Guyana", he wrote two books on education -- "Problems of the Transition of Education in the Third World" published in and "Towards Education Reform in Guyana" published in Biography of Ambassador Odeen Ishmael.

It essays on guyanese folklore the background to the origin of the territorial dispute which developed from and examines the opposing views of proposed boundary lines and the long trail of diplomatic exchanges between Venezuela and Great Britain. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at or call x.

It is obvious that not all the details of the periods described are included, but the aim of the author is to build an awareness among young Guyanese in particular, of the rich heritage of the people of Guyana.

Essay on guyanese folklore

It is hoped, too, that The Guyana Story essay on guyanese folklore encourage readers to do further research into various aspects of Guyanese history. By knowing about our past, we will be in a better position to understand and appreciate the present. Very little is known of Amerindian history in Guyana before the arrival of European settlers in the early seventeenth century and, actually, no written form of their languages existed until about seventy years ago.

Indeed, much of the history of the Amerindians people is based on oral traditions which are not quite clear because the periods when important events occurred are difficult to place. Still, native oral traditions are very rich in folk stories of the ancestral heroes and heroines of these indigenous people.

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This book comprises a collection of popular folk stories from Guyana and other countries of the Caribbean region. The starring character in all of them is Nansi whose exploits form part of the folklore of these countries. But in Guyana and some guyanese folklore Caribbean countries, Nansi, the shortened form of this name, is usually preferred.

When some of these peoples were forcibly brought to the Caribbean and the American continent as slaves from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, they also brought with them the tales of the exploits of Nansi, who was, and still is, variably regarded as a folk hero, a cunning trickster and also sometimes as a fool. These stories in this book are no different to the ones told in West Africa or other parts of the Caribbean and the southeast United States, even though the plots and the characters involved may vary slightly.

They certainly provide tangible evidence that much of the oral traditions of people of African origin in the Americas remain intact, despite the historical trauma caused by centuries of slavery.

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Nansi is always outwitting the forest creatures, humans, his own family, the community in which he lives, and sometimes even deities. His character assumes various patterns. In some cases, he is regarded as wise, but he can be greedy, cunning, gluttonous, stupid, and dishonest.

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Despite these varying characteristics, Nansi is generally admired for the manner in which he outwits others. Amerindian Legends of Guyana.

Artex Publishing, Sheboygan WI, ISBN Paperback -- pages. Synopsis: Amerindian Legends of Guyana is a collection of twenty stories of the Amerindians, the first people to inhabit the South American country of Guyana.

These stories tell of the deeds of folk heroes and give the reader a clear understanding of some of the myths, traditions and folklore surrounding the lives of these proud people. The Amerindians comprise roughly five percent of the Guyanese population and they live mainly in the forest and savannah regions of the interior of the country.

The author has written extensively on Guyanese and Caribbean history and culture. He is currently Guyana's Ambassador to the United States of America and also his country's Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States, positions to which he was appointed since

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