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Write an essay village

Write an essay village

It is situated by the side of a river or a canal or under a banyan tree or by the side of a road.

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A village market is of two types- one is held daily at fore-noon or in the morning and another is held in the afternoon once or twice a week. In the bazaar or daily market people usually sell and buy goods of daily need such as fish, milk, vegetables, meat, betel leaf etc.

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But in the hat which is held once or twice a week, the villagers can buy some goods which are necessary but available at every time. A village market is divided into three parts.

They are an open-space market, temporary sheds, and permanent sheds.

Write an essay village

In the open space market, the villagers can buy vegetables, milk, fish etc. The fish market is the most crowded place of this part of the market.

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In the temporary sheds, some shopkeepers sit to sell onions, garlic, gingers. Grocers also sit in these sheds.

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They deal in oil, salt, cloves, pepper, pen, paper, copy books etc. Permanent sheds consist of permanent shops or stalls which are arranged in rows.

The shopkeepers here sell rice, wheat, pulse, sugar, gur, ghee, butter, spices, cloth, toys, and other useful things. Fish, milk, eggs, poultry, vegetables are generally cheaper in a village market because these are produced locally.

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Clothes, shoes, toys, suitcases and other fancy goods are a little bit costly because they are brought from towns paying charges of conveyance. A village market is not so neat and clean.

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But it fulfills the need for daily use for the village people. It is also a meeting place of the villagers. When they gather in a village market, they exchange views and discuss many social issues.

So a village market is an important place for the villagers.

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