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Team player essay writing

Team player essay writing

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A team player is someone with a good personality who makes contributions and has the drive to motivate everyone around him or her. These qualities can be used in many areas such as sports, family life, and in the business world.

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You are more likely to be hired in the business world if you possess and demonstrate the qualities of a team player. Managers will need all the teamwork they can get" Krotz, To land a high paying job with a major company you need to be a team player.

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Having a good personality is one of the most important qualities you can have. Being friendly makes is easier for others to approach you. When a problem occurs people are more likely to go to a friendly person they respect, rather then someone who only pays attention to their self.

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Being personable makes you a better mediator in a decision making process. The more comfortable people co-workers, clients, etc. Although personality is a key factor in the business world, you cant get anywhere without making contributions to the team.

Being part of a team is being able to give your opinion and ideas, as well as listening and building off of others opinions and ideas. When you give your time and effort to a cause, whatever it may be, everyone notices.

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When others see you contribute they are more inclined to work with you in the future. While it is important to always contribute, you don't want to take the lead and make decisions for everyone.

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