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The elderly should not live in old folks homes essay

The elderly should not live in old folks homes essay
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Productivity Commission, Report on Government Services and the statistical aged services attachment Resources Related to Specific Areas of Aged Support Back to top The following links give additional details on the support provided to the elderly in identifiable areas.

Social Security The main forms of social security assistance for older and retired people are the aged pension, wife pension, the partner allowance and the mature age allowance.

Some support is also given to retired farmers and a Pension Bonus Scheme allows the elderly who want to work past the eligible pension age to do so and still be eligible for a pension benefit at a later stage in the form of a lump sum. The report also notes that about 80 per cent of the population over the qualifying age for the age pension received at least some age pension as at June Thus, it can be seen that the age pension is a very important component of income for a majority of older Australians.

The Department of Family and Community Services web site gives more details on social security support for the aged. The Centrelink the Commonwealth agency responsible for social security payments web site also provides further details on pensions and allowances. For an outline of some of the issues related to social security and the aged see the Council on the Ageing Australia submission to the Federal Budget 03, Social Security and Social Support for Older Australians.

Residential The Commonwealth Government is essentially responsible for funding and regulating the formal residential aged care sector in Australia.

You should write at least words, illustrate your opinion with examples. to send their elderly parents to old folks' homes instead of living under the same roof as them. Last but not least, with the elderly living in old folks home can Analysis Of Fishman 's ' The Great Gatsby ' By Ted C. Sayre Essay. If they fall down in the house, there is no one to help them up. For a man of aged 60, The Elderly Shouldn't Live in Old Folks' Homes Essay.

The two main strands of residential aged care are: high care places formerly nursing home beds low care places formerly hostel beds. Contrary to popular belief only a very small proportion about 6 per cent of the population aged over 65 reside in residential aged care facilities.

However, that source per cent along with those in hospitalsare the most frail and the most in need of care.

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The following links give more information on residential care: For an overview of changes in residential aged care over the last 20 to 30 years and also an analysis of more recent changes to the sector see Richard Gray's Catholic Health Australia paper The Third Wave of Aged Care Reform For a brief overview of the structural reform changes including the new fees and charges regime to apply to the residential aged care sector see the Parliamentary Library Research Note Residential Aged Care New Fees and Charges Greg McIntosh, This report the elderly should not live in old folks homes essay provides detailed background on the operation of the residential aged care system in Australia.

The response by the government to the 'Gray Report' can also be found at this site. The Annual Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act Department of Health and Ageing provides a 'yearly' look at the operation of the residential aged care system. The latest report is for The key body that maintains a 'watching brief' on the residential aged care sector is the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency. This agency is charged with monitoring standards in residential facilities and has the power, where necessary, to impose various sanctions on service providers in cases where standards are not met.

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A useful series of facts sheets on residential aged care Quality Care for Older Australians is published, and regularly updated, by the Department of Health and Ageing. The sheets included full details on fees and charges as well as information on the type of care options available and what measures are in place to help ensure appropriate care is provided.

What Old Age Is Really Like, The New Yorker

A reference that gives full details of the framework under which residential aged care services operate is the Residential Care Manual published by the Department of Health see more Ageing The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare publishes a range of data on residential aged care.

The following links take you to two of the Institute's key publications in this area, one dealing with statistics on residents and services in the residential sector 01 and the other on Community Aged Care Packages The Department of Health and Ageing in its Annual Report gives details of the number of aged care beds and places available as well as those approved but not yet 'on stream' per of the population aged over 70 years of age for each of the aged care planning regions across Australia.

The latest Annual Report 02 gives such data as at June The following link takes you to the relevant chapter in that Annual Report see Table 3. Other useful information is contained also contained in the chapter, including the main government initiatives in aged care in This report gives useful background on the detailed processes involved in planning and allocating aged care beds and places across Australia.

Community Care In recent years successive Commonwealth and State governments have pursued a general policy direction of 'ageing in place'.

This has essentially involved a greater emphasis on keeping elderly and frail people in their home or family settings for as long as possible via the provision of home care services. It provides frail older and other people with support and services such as meals on wheels, home help, health support and the like.

The Extended Aged Care at Home Program Pilot EACH provides home services to elderly people.

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