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Why i want to be an airline pilot essay

Why i want to be an airline pilot essay

The job of a pilot is difficult and risky, but prestigious.

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Airline pilots often travel thousands of kilometers and can find themselves in a different time and climate zones every day. They see all parts of the world and get to know new people almost all the time. But a pilot also faces problems. They often suffer from jet lag and can become tired when flying through different time zones.

They spend many days away from home and their families. Although many people think it is a real dream job pilots must be responsible people because they have the lives of up to a few hundred passengers in their hands.

Free Essay: Becoming an Airline Pilot If you have a love for the sky and aviation is one of your interests, you're not deterred from being in charge of at. Free Essay: I want to be a pilot “I want to be a pilot when I grow up Becoming an Airline Pilot If you have a love for the sky and aviation is. What motivations a person to become a pilot are usually also reasons why an airline would want to hire them (or certainly they should be).

They have to have hundreds of hours of training before they can do their job. Pilots must remain calm in dangerous situations and always have to make the right decisions. They need to see and hear perfectly.

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There are many things that a pilot must do before he or she flies a plane. They must check out weather conditions on the flight path and around the landing area. They also have to check flight plans, fill in forms and do a lot of paperwork. Before takeoff pilots brief their crew and do a complete check of the airplane to see if everything works the way it should.

Interview question: Why do you want to be a pilot?

Pilots must calculate how much fuel they have to take with them. Airline pilots in the cockpit - Shahram Sharifi In most cases there are two or three pilots in the cockpit. The captain is responsible for the flight. He is always in the left seat of the cockpit.

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The co-pilot sits next to him and assists him. Some planes have a flight engineer as a third person in the cockpit. Although the autopilot almost always takes over flying the plane once it is in the air, a pilot and his crew must remain alert during the whole flight. They must have contact with the ground stations at all times and report strange or unusual things.

After landing safely pilots and crew may get a few days of rest if they are on a long distance flight, or they may have to fly back to where they came from after a short pause. On average pilots spend about 70 to hours a month in the air.

Many people believe that pilots earn a lot of money. While that is true for larger airlines, smaller budget airlines cannot afford to pay their pilots that much.

Pilots may lose their jobs if airlines decide to cut costs.


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