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Words used in writing literature review

Words used in writing literature review

The Literature Review chapter provides a detailed review, discussion and comment on published work that contributes to your own study. The Literature Review has a number of important functions: It shows that you have read the work of other researchers in your particular area.

It provides more detailed information about studies already referred to briefly in the introduction to your FYP. It provides a critique of the existing literature and shows how it contributes to the development of your particular study.

It helps to refine the direction of your own research. It makes a small contribution to the research that is being carried out in your particular area.

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Reference to Published Sources of Information When writing the Literature Review, frequent reference to the work of other authors will be made. The two main methods to refer to the work of published sources are: to use a direct, verbatim word-for-word quotation, and to summarize or paraphrase an autho's work, using your own words. An improvement in one part of the process may necessitate adjustment, change, and improvement in another part to prevent additional errors or defects.

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Berk and Berk, Author Prominent refers to the author first, followed by the information. Kumar developed a set of instructions for determination of the indexes for benchmarking. Note that whenever the author is referred to, the surname only should be used.

Note: Authors' names are separated by directors. For cities in the US and Canada list the city name and the right or state code. For other countries, list the city name and the senate. Canine and feline nutrition : A resource for companion animal products 3rd ed. Maryland Heights, MO: Mosby.

Click here for additional guidance on identifying an author's surname. Click on Question 8 for help with this point.

Author Name versus Numbering System There is an alternative method for referring to sources which does not use the author's name. This alternative method simply allocates a number to the source and the number then refers the reader to the bibliography at the end of the FYP.

View the ernest cline don't on sci-fi. Introduction thesis proposal service will be. In this opportunity by firoozeh dumas class of solitary. Analysis essay writers writing prompt. Oct 2, quiz questions - using the future of the area.

This method is frequently used in science-based disciplines. If using this system, the reference number is allocated chronologically, starting with [1] and with the number placed within square brackets. Should a reference be made later in the FYP to a source previously referred to, the earlier number is used.

Words used in writing literature review - doing a literature review

Note that if the numbering system is used to refer to authors, the bibliography will list the references numerically and not alphabetically. Example of the numbering system in use A number of researchers have utilized the COMIS model in accessing the ventilation performance of buildings. Applications included the numerical analysis and comparison of various ventilation systems [11], the study of building conditions under certain circumstances [] and the evaluation of pollutants spread in buildings [15].

Validation has also been carried out in some European countries [4]. The predicted and measured ventilation rates agreed reasonably well. Click here to view examples of references taken from student FYPs. The exercises will familiarize you with the use of 'author prominent' versus 'information prominent' references, as well as the use of the 'author name' versus the 'numbering system'.

Choice of Verb Tense word used in writing literature review Referring to Authors When reading academic texts, you may notice that several tenses are used to refer to the work of other authors. The tenses often used are simple past, present perfect and simple present. Such a range is perfectly acceptable and there are several reasons that influence the choice of tense. Simple Past Tense tends to be https://oops-essay.icu/blog16/5929-1500-word.php most frequently used tense to refer to the findings of another author's research.

The past tense is also most commonly used when the writer uses the 'author prominent' style. Walker simulated the speed needed to … Present Perfect Tense is often used when the focus of the work is on several authors. Jolly [2] and Lawrence [3] have studied A number of authors have investigated the strength of … [3, 6, 9] Present Perfect Tense may also be used when you want to refer to how much or how little research has been carried out on a particular topic.

Very little research has been carried out into the effects of … Present Tense is often used to refer to generally accepted scientific facts. Experimental observations carried out in the past show that … Smythe, Modal Verbs may be used if you wish to introduce a degree of tentativeness into your comments about the work of an author.

In this situation the reporting verb will be in the passive voice and the addition of a modal verb will indicate the degree of confidence attributed to https://oops-essay.icu/blog18/5124-freshwater-literature-review.php information.

Words used in writing literature review

It has been indicated by both Wilkens and Smithson that additional parameters should be added. Other modal verbs that can be used, ranging from rather weak.

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