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Write an essay on travel motivations

Write an essay on travel motivations

At the same time, those dwelling in urban and suburban areas are increasingly drawn to rural areas, often because they perceive that rural communities have a unique charm and provide respite from a faster-paced urban lifestyle.

As a potential solution for struggling rural economies, Extension professionals may consider developing tourism opportunities, often based around natural resources, outdoor sports and recreation, agriculture, and unique cultural features. While communities may welcome the economic boost of tourism, they may also aim to preserve valued rural landscapes and the quality of life associated with rural areas.

Tourism offers many advantages to rural communities. It places less of a cost-burden on local economies than building entirely new industries e.

Tourism also provides a boost to travel-oriented businesses and businesses whose focus is not directly related to tourism, such as gas stations or grocery stores Wilson et al. Travel to rural areas also provides benefits to tourists.

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They can develop an appreciation and understanding of an area's natural beauty, ecosystem, and cultural value; benefit from outdoor educational experiences; and acquire skills that help them to live a more sustainable lifestyle that may come from visiting ecotourism attractions. There are also downsides to growing rural tourism.

Increased tourism can pit communities against others if they feel they are marketing to the same audience. Tourism can also be variable throughout the year or in times of economic decline, and tourism-related employee wages can be low. A robust tourism destination could provide multiple points of interaction, combining sites of agri-tourism e.

Tourism development can be a useful strategy for Extension programming focused on rural economic development. As Honadle notes, tourism development offers an opportunity for Extension personnel to implement interdisciplinary programming, including topics such as agriculture and natural resources, small business and home-based business development skills, community resource development, or youth programming, depending on a given community's needs.

Should a community aspire to develop or improve tourism in their region, research has suggested that the venture will be most successful if several of the following conditions are met: an available complete tourism package, strong community leadership, support from local government, funding for tourism development, strategic planning efforts, coordination between local government and local businesses, cooperation among tourism entrepreneurs, the capability to promote and distribute information about the area, and broad, community-wide support Wilson et al.

Some communities may also aim to improve tourism in the "off-peak" season or "shoulder months" to increase tourism revenue and build a sustainable, year-round tourism economy. Given the economic opportunities that expanded tourism can provide to rural communities, the purpose of the research reported in this article is to evaluate what motivates tourists to visit a rural area, how they perceive of the area as a tourist destination, and what factors are empirically associated with returning to a rural area during the off season.

These findings will be particularly relevant to Extension professionals and other stakeholders who are interested in expanding the tourism economy in rural areas in general and who are interested in expanding tourism year-round. Literature Review Tourism can be economically inconsistent and seasonally variable. Understanding what tourists are looking for by examining what visitors think about a specific area helps begin to address this issue.

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Scholars theorize that the cognitive perceptions of a tourist destination precede tourists' affective perceptions, and each of these types of perceptions are affected by attributes of the individual and the information sources from which they have received information about a destination. It is also important to understand how the destination image is constructed.

Chi and Qu make an explicit connection between destination image and tourist satisfaction, which in turn influences visitor "loyalty" or likelihood of returning to a destination. To contextualize the study area, the Kickapoo Valley Reserve is located in the un-glaciated bluff country of southwest Wisconsin.

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This section of the state, part of the so-called Driftless Area due to its lack of prehistoric glacial drift, has more dramatic topography than its Upper Midwest regional surroundings. Visually distinctive limestone bluffs with river valleys and fertile trout streams mark the area as appealing for a wide variety of outdoor recreation and tourist activities, including hiking, paddle sports, photography, hunting, and fly-fishing.

Research Questions The research reported in this article evaluates visitors' composite destination image.

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