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New life essay

New life essay

Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. Once a human being came out and saw the world, there is nothing but decide which way to go. Sometimes I find myself building my own way of life, and see myself starting to walk.

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Living in an enormous life might confuse me but creating a way will deliver me hope. Life can face entirely different situations when you make your own choice.

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Life is extremely amazing experience that progress with choices. Choices can vary the destiny. But once I make my destiny, it will give me a new life and new satisfaction. I create my own destiny by coming to United States.

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If I were not here in this spot, what would I be? I would probably be dreaming something else that is completely different than what I am dreaming now.

New life essay

Choices can bring me many regrets, and stress but looking for a new way to enjoy will help me. Creating new life style might need many thoughts and experiences but it is giving people happiness with a new fresh life.

People can build their own way of life; they can put colors, shapes, and meanings on their buildings. I will have my own memories, and sorrows in my choices, but that is my way of life. I am making my own secret ways that exist only once in a life time.

Life without choices is like a toothbrush without a brush. My way of life tells me that I am a blissful person. I have a hope that leads the way for me.

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I will not stop walking; it might give me fear and an

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