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Medusas head essay

Medusas head essay

For Thomas Albrecht, these diverse sources are organised around the structural repetition of what he terms the "Medusa effect.

After an introduction that concentrates on Rossetti's commissioned painting of Perseus beheading the Medusa—a painting deemed too gruesome or insufficiently sublimated by his wealthy patron and which left a trace only in the accompanying poem—Albrecht turns immediately to Freud. This is because the three-stage Medusa effect is precisely modelled on Freud's understanding of the fetish.

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The fetishist sees something horrifying and covers it over by monumentalising something else as a medusa head essay, which simultaneously hides and reveals the truth; it becomes an emblem of disavowal, that unstable condition between knowledge and denial. The Medusa's head is an instantiation of this condition of ambivalence: it will scare you to death, but if viewed in a medusa head essay or contained in a representation, it can also be used as an instrument of power.

Thus, "saving and killing are both simultaneous properties of the one Medusa's head" Apart from Freud, the other presiding influence on Albrecht's book is American deconstruction. In an analytic strategy that will be very familiar from the writing of Paul de Man plague homework J.

Hillis Miller to whom the book is dedicatedAlbrecht is always interested in the moment when these texts rhetorically undermine themselves. Central to deconstructive criticism, Freud and Nietzsche thus finally reveal that their invocations of Medusa collapse under their own anxious figurations.

Medusas head essay: perseus and the gordon medusa essay examples

Freud's confident interpretation of the Medusa's head as a symbolic warding off and monument to castration is itself Medusoid, desperate to assert authority where his interpretations https://oops-essay.icu/blog12/1921-the-argument-in.php arbitrarily skirt across the surface of an abyss of meaning.

Nietzsche's opposition of Apollo and Dionysus, interpreted as sublimated Greek art that tries to master the Medusoid terrors of the Dionysian, is also, entirely unsurprisingly, found to unpick itself rhetorically and epistemologically in Nietzsche's text.

The Medusa's medusa head essay to act as a generalisable deconstructive lever is tested in the last two chapters. Albrecht focuses on Pater's discussion of the "Head of Medusa" in the Uffizi, a painting that Victorian scholars incorrectly ascribed to da Vinci. The essay borrows its intensely subjective regard for the contradictory feelings of beauty and terror evoked in this image from Swinburne's "Notes on Designs of the Old Masters at Florence"which glancingly invokes the Medusa in his discussion of Michelangelo's sketch studies of a woman's head.

Start by making an outline, then start writing to fill it in. When you come to something you need, but don't have, put it in terms. Note in brackets everything that you will need to put in the printed draft, but don't stop to find it now.

Both Pater and Swinburne repeatedly catch at the contradictory sense of looking at and looking away from such beauty, the embrace [End Page ] of fear and desire that lies at the core of aestheticism.

Eliot's "The Lifted Veil" takes a parallel metaphor of unveiling for horrifying revelation, and Albrecht reads this as another instance of the Medusa effect, which begins to unravel Eliot's medusa head essay of sympathy.

Albrecht shows great patience and adeptness in teasing these patterns out in intensive close readings and this slim monograph consequently has an unusually sharp focus and coherence in its core thesis.

This is avowedly not a piece of historicist scholarship. It harks back to Jacques Derrida or de If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE.

Medusas head essay

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